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Q. How do I get started?
A. Welcome to Phopar! If you're a new user, it's easy to get started. Simply click on the "Sign Up" link on the left edge of the page. You will then have the option to select your membership plan. We offer 15 FREE 4x6 prints for giving us a try. Once you select your plan you will be asked to fill in required information (name, e-mail address, password, etc.) and agree to our terms and conditions. From there, it will take you to your account page where you can start uploading your images.
Q. How do I upload my files?
A. If it is your first time uploading files to us, you have two options. You can sign up for an account and then upload your files from there, or if you dont want to sign up for an account you can use our Dropbox. You will find links for both options on the left side of every page on our website.
Whichever method you choose you will be asked to install Silverlight. Silverlight is a plug-in created by Microsoft for delivering media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Silverlight uses multi-threaded transfer, which means that instead of uploading 1 image at a time, 3 are uploaded at a time, so it’s much faster. The new “fast upload” option sub samples photos to optimize speed and quality. Once installed you can follow the screen prompts to upload files to a new or selected album..
Q. How do I sign in to my account?
A. Signing into your Phopar account is quick and easy. Just click the “Login” button on the left side of any page on our website. Then just enter your email address and password to go to your "My Page" home. Your "My Page" is a public and bookmark-able web page. Two of your promotional jpgs show up on this page, so you can market products and services directly to your customers. You can personalize your page by assigning an image or avatar and by adding information, background and descriptions.
Q. What is the storage limit of my online album, and how long will my photos remain there?
A. Each one of our plans offers a different level of storage capacity. Our Free Plan offers 500MB, our Silver Plan offers 600MB, our Gold Plan offers 900MB, and our Platinum Plan offers 4GB of storage.
Our Free membership never expires so your files will remain there indefinately. The paid plans expire after 1 year, and if you do not renew your plan your account and files will be removed.
Q. Why do I have to install something in order to upload my files?
A. Our website uses Microsoft Silverlight™ technology. Microsoft Silverlight is a plug-in for delivering media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Our Silverlight Dropbox uses multi-threaded transfer, which means that instead of uploading 1 image at a time, 3 are uploaded at a time, so it’s much faster. The new “fast upload” option sub samples photos to optimize speed and quality. You can change the setting to upload the full resolution image – and you can choose which speed is defaulted.
Q. Do you offer FTP service?
A. We do offer FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for customers that have many large files. Please follow our instructions below for uploading to our client FTP:
1. You will need to set up an FTP account with Phopar Inc. (This is done at no charge)
2. To set up an account you will first need to email us a username and password that you would like to use to access the FTP site. Please email your request.
3. We will establish your account and send you an email notification when it is ready to use. This is generally done within 24 hours.
4. Once we have you registered you can then go to and enter your login and password. Something to keep in mind is that not all browsers are created equally. You need to make sure that you're using a browser that has the FTP capabilities installed. We recommend using Internet Explorer for FTP.
5. If you are having problems in Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS then click on the ADVANCED tab. Scroll down and find the box under Browser: "Enable folder view for FTP sites" and make sure this box is checked. If you are using a DSL modem or firewall, scroll farther down and check "Use Passive FTP." Once this box is checked click APPLY and then OK to change the setting. Refresh the address and logon window should pop right up and can create folders.
6. Another alternative is to use an FTP specific program. If you search the web for a free FTP program you will find many. If you need an FTP program you can download any of the following: CuteFTP FileZilla or if using Firefox:FireFTP. When using a FTP program you will need to enter in the following information:
  • host:
  • username: (username created by us)
  • password: (password created by us)
  • and you may need to change the port to 21
7. Once you are into our client FTP site, you will need to create a folder with your name or business name.
8. You can then just drag and drop or copy and paste your file(s) into your folder(s).
9. After you have uploaded your file(s) you will need to send us an email us at to let us know you have an order on the ftp and give us instructions on what to do with your files. We require the following information in your email:
  • Your FTP username
  • Your name and phone number
  • Number of files uploaded
  • Description of order and/or print instructions
We will not process your order until we recieve an email with the above information attached.
Q. What are your file requirements?
A. Please save your files as JPEGs in sRGB color space with 8-bit color at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) to achieve the best print results. If you would like us to convert your files to the proper color space we charge a $2.00 fee per image.
Also, please do NOT embed any profiles. Please - no CMYK, Grayscale, RAW, PSD or LZW compressed files, and if you work in layers, be sure to flatten the file and remove any extra channels before sending.
Lossless or highest quality JPEG compressions are more than adequate for high quality printing. In the early days of digital that wasn't always the case; however, the compression algorithms have become very sophisticated and it is nearly impossible to distinguish a JPEG print from a TIFF print with the naked eye.
Q. What do you mean when you say that you "watch over every print"?
A. Phopar analyzes each one of your pictures and applies adjustments to improve the exposure and colors in order to give you the finest-quality prints possible. We typically refer to this as individual color correcting because each individual file is adjusted as needed.
Q. What type of paper do you use?
Phopar uses Kodak Endura real photo paper. Kodak Endura real photo paper (Metallic and E surface) is a media that is exposed with light and then developed in the classic silver halide process used by professional photo labs worldwide.
True, photographic media is still far superior to the digital printing process which use inks or other press printing processes. It's the benchmark by which all photo medias are judged.
Kodak Endura photo prints that appear as brilliant after generations as they do when we brought them home has been the goal since in the invention of color films in the 1930s. With the introduction of color negative films and real photo paper in the early 1940s, pictures became widely displayed items in homes, offices, stores, and elsewhere. People expect those photos to last - with Kodak Endura photos and media, photographers know they will.
Q. What special effects can you apply to my photos?
A. Phopar can convert your images to Black and White or Sepia Tone, and we can also add white borders to your prints for no additional cost. You can specify any special effects in the special instructions box that appears in your cart upon checkout. We also offer special effects for wallet photos such as die cutting and custom text.
Q. What does die cutting mean?
A. Wallet prints are 2.5x3.5 inches and all wallets are die-cut by default. The die-cut process removes approximately 3/32 of an inch from all sides. The actual cut can shift approximately 1/8 of an inch. All this means is you have to watch what you place near the edge of the print and how close you place it. If you add your own text to the bottom corner of your wallets images we suggest that you place the text at least an 1/8th of an inch from the edges.
Q. How quickly will you process my orders, and how long will shipping take?
A. After you place your order, we typically print and ship it out within 1 to 3 business days. We typically use USPS for most orders, and USPS does not gaurantee delivery times. Your shipping time will vary depending on your location. Please allow additional time during the holidays. For customer convenience or to expedite your order, we may consolidate products when possible or ship in multiple packages. Phopar is not responsible for shipping delays due to weather, natural disaster, or causes beyond our shipping carriers control. For shipping rates, more detailed information and international shipping information please reference our shipping page.
Q. What if I'm not happy with my prints when they arrive?
A. Thank you for trusting Phopar with your memories. We are dedicated to providing you the best customer experience possible. Your satisfaction is our number-one concern and we guarantee you will be delighted with out prints and products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, contact us (via phone or email) within 30 days for a free reprint or refund. Please include your name, order number, and the reason you were unsatisfied (You may be required to return the photos to us in order to recieve your refund).
For your increased satisfaction, please make sure to use high-resolution pictures and preview any text you add to products, paying special attention to potential spelling or punctuation errors. Please note that Archive DVDs are not returnable for refund or credit, and will only be replaced if defective.